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  • Activities: Watersports
  • Length Range: 5 - 19 ft.
  • Average price: $1,100
  • 1 - 2 people

As a simple boating solution, kayaks are perfect for those looking to get out on the water faster and for less. Their popularity is known worldwide, as participants use this modest craft to explore lakes, rivers and the open ocean. From rotomolded plastics to open deck designs, there are a countless number of options available on the market today. Kayaks are used by anglers to sneak up on their prey; adventurers for travel and camping; and of course, by surfers to catch a wave. For those new to boating, they are a great entry level model to expedite your journey out on the water—you’ll actually be able to launch the boat by yourself with little to no prep work.

Because of their low center of gravity, these small boats are very stable underway. Rotomolded models are also extremely durable and can easily be left out on the beach or on a dock without worrying about sustaining long-term damages. Some models are meant for calm waters, while others are adaptable enough to travel through rapids. Thanks to their lightweight and small size, transporting your kayak is generally very easy. Some kayaks may fit inside your car, and if not, they can be strapped on top and attached to the luggage rack. There are also specialty kayak racks available for mounting.

In terms of price, a kayak tends to cost a lot less than their competitive counterpart—the canoe. They can be custom-fitted for multiple uses, and many are built to hold up to two people. When it comes to power and propulsion, you can obviously paddle your heart out for as far and as long as you can; however, for those searching for a little more kick, there are also pedal systems and even small trolling motors that can be incorporated into their construction.

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