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Overnight Cruising

  • Cover most boats that have a cabin.
  • Creature comforts for overnighting such as climate control, head (bathroom) and galley (kitchen).
  • "Camper cruisers" are a low-priced version.

Many people enjoy traveling to new places, but getting there by car, train, or airplane is nowhere nearly as fun or adventurous as cruising there on your own boat. Most modern cruisers carry all the amenities of home – in fact, many are even more comfortable than our land-based dwellings. Climate control, entertainment centers, seating, and countless other aspects of today’s cruisers ensure that your trip can be made in utter luxury.

There’s a wide variety of boats made for weekending, overnighting, and other extended cruises these days, which usually fall into one of the top five cruiser categories: motor yachts, expresses, aft cabin cruisers, sedan cruisers, and convertibles. Which one is right for you depends on a number of variables such as how many staterooms you need, how much importance you place on sporty performance, and of course cost. Overnight cruising is also a favored activity of sailors who have a sailboat large enough to carry a full cabin with a galley.

If roughing it is more your style, remember that some day-boaters embark on overnight cruises by hauling camping gear. In fact, there are a few boats designed specifically as “camper cruisers.” Another option for overnight cruising from a small boat is simply visiting ports with waterfront hotel accommodations.

Regardless of which type of cruiser you like the most, the allure of taking an extended voyage to a new destination is what attracts most people to this genre of boat and this sort of experience. Meeting people in places you’ve never been, visiting attractions by water, and seeing the sights from a unique point of view simply can’t be matched by other forms of travel.

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