Boat Warranty

Extended Marine Service Contracts (commonly known as “Extended Warranties”) help boat owners eliminate excessive, out-of-pocket expenses from unforeseen mechanical breakdowns. can help you access affordable coverage. Get a quote now and get yourself protected today.

When buying a boat, there are three main types of boat warranties to be aware of: manufacturer warranties, engine warranties and extended warranties. When you buy either a new or used boat the dealer or seller may offer a combination of these warranties, depending on the specific vessel and nature of the sale.

With a new boat, the manufacturer will warranty the vessel against structural failures including cracks in the hull, defects in fiberglass and general workmanship, gelcoat imperfections, etc. Some boat manufacturers offer structural warranties up to a decade.

Similarly to boat manufacturers, virtually all engine manufacturers offer warranties on their new engines that will cover any mechanical problems within a certain time period, or a set amount of hours of use.

Extended warranties are technically extended service contracts but, since most people use the word “warranty”, they are often marketed that way. A warranty is something that is given away with the purchase of a product. Extended service contracts are purchased from third-party administrators. Extended service contracts cover both the boat and/or the engine to varying degrees, depending on the type of coverage.

Extended service contracts ARE NOT insurance. They do not cover damage caused by fire, theft, the weather, or user error. Extended service contracts pay for the parts and labor when you have a mechanical failure such as issues with the engine, transmission, electronics and so on. When shopping for extended service contracts it is important to read through the coverage and make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company. Extended service contracts are highly recommended to offer peace of mind to boat owners, so they aren’t worried about coming out of pocket for major and minor repairs. The terms available may depend on the age of your boat and when you purchase the contract as well as the company you buy from.

What is an extended warranty for a boat?

An extended warranty (extended service contract) pays for the parts and labor in the event you have a mechanical failure.

Do I need a warranty for my boat?

A boat warranty is not required but it is nevertheless a good idea to shop for boats from sellers that are willing to offer a warranty. This lets you know the seller stands by their product and ensures it is not damaged or faulty in any way. Some boat finance companies that specialize in loans for yachts and boats may require the seller to offer a warranty before dispersing any boat loans.

Where can I get an extended service contract?

There are many third-party companies that specialize in extended service contracts. These companies offer various types of engine coverage to component coverage. When you purchase coverage from a third-party, research the provider first to ensure they have a good reputation and review the contracts to make sure you are clear on the coverage.