Indulging in lavish amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional craftsmanship are typically things a boater might associate more with a yacht than with a pontoon. But Manitou has really kicked up the pontoon game this year to a whole new level, with the XT 27 rounding out a large collection of a stylishly redesigned fleet. Whether you’re spending quality time with loved ones, entertaining guests, or taking a much needed break, this luxury pontoon is certainly the ultimate way to unwind. 

Above: Manitou XT 27 underway. Photo via Loves Park Motorsports in Roscoe, IL and Manitou Boats.


The XT 27 RFXW has the capacity to hold up to 16 people and can handle a maximum horsepower of 400 HP, or a whopping 900 HP if using dual engines. That’s one ridiculously fast pontoon. The traditional “pontoon look” is barely visible on this vessel with striking fiberglass walls and a painted finish that are sure to impress whether you’re at the sandbar or the yacht club. 

In Manitou tritoon hulls, the center tube is positioned precisely and combined with positive lifting strakes to produce the ideal degree of deadrise, replicating the characteristics of a traditional V-shaped hull. The “V-toon” hulls come equipped with reinforced nose cones as standard, featuring a forward knife edge for a more defined leading edge in the water. This results in a flatter and more stable pontoon boat with reduced bow rise. Additionally, the strategic positioning of lifting strakes enables quicker and smoother acceleration and improved maneuverab


Above: The bow seating area on a Manitou XT 27 with the forward seats converted to extended loungers. Photo via Loves Park Motorsports in Roscoe, IL and Manitou Boats.

Manitou has also made some functional and aesthetic changes to up the style points on their pontoon models. The XT 27 RFXW offers a complete seating experience with benches for both the bow and stern, as well as a full windshield that accommodates both the driver and passenger. The new cool-to-touch vinyl seating ensures that even on the sunniest and warmest days, the material is comfortable to the touch, allowing everyone on board to comfortably enjoy all areas of the boat for hours on end. Afterall, pontoon hangs are meant to go all day long, right? 


Above: The helm station on a Manitou XT 27. Photo via Loves Park Motorsports in Roscoe, IL and Manitou Boats.

The helm station of the Manitou XT 27 Rear Facing features a sleek and modern design with advanced controls and instrumentation. The helm console is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and convenience and includes a sport steering wheel, throttle and shift controls, and a multifunction display that provides information about speed, fuel consumption, and other important parameters.

One of the standout features of the Manitou XT 27 Rear Facing helm station is the rear-facing observer seat. This allows the captain to face backward while operating the boat, which is especially useful for towing water sports enthusiasts. The observer seat is designed to provide a comfortable and secure seating position, with a high backrest and adjustable armrests. Other features of the Manitou XT 27 Rear Facing helm station include a tilt steering wheel, hydraulic steering, a GPS navigation system, and a full complement of gauges and controls for monitoring engine performance and other systems on the boat.


The XT 27, and all the Manitou Luxury and Sport models, also offer a new Digital Vessel Control System. This gives you complete control through a remote key fob and smartphone. With just a touch of a button, you can power the boat on and off, adjust lighting, access diagnostics, and fully operate the vessel. This system is also fully integrated with the Garmin Quatix watch in every XT package for enhanced connectivity. 

The JL Audio system with subwoofer and all make this party boat ready to rock for you. The XT 27 also has joystick steering, allowing you to effortlessly navigate with confidence on your ride. This makes it easier to control at low speeds and in tight spaces, which makes docking and maneuvering less stressful, especially with everyone at the bar watching and judging you. 

Overall the newly redesigned Manitou XT 27 (RFXW) makes older pontoon models look like they need a makeover as well. This vessel surely is the ultimate in luxury dayboating and has the features and feel to prove it. 

WEIGHT: Single Engine: 4,200 lbs // Dual Engine: 4,505 lbs
LENGTH OVERALL: Single Engine: 28' 4" // Dual Engine: 28' 8"
DECK OVERALL: Single Engine: 27' 10" // Dual Engine: 28' 2"
MAX HP: Single Engine: 400 HP // Dual Engine: 900 HP

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Photos via Loves Park Motorsports in Roscoe, IL and Manitou Boats.

Written by: Laila Elise
Laila Elise is a former fashion model, writer, actress and entrepreneur, with an affinity for a life on the water. She has a Masters in Finance and a Bachelor's in Business Education, and has traveled extensively around the world working with top agencies and designers. She writes regularly about her passion for the sea on her blog: