Sharrow Marine is introducing a new series of propellers called "Sharrow XO", all of which are specifically designed to harness the power and torque of high-performance, large-hub V8, V10 & V12 outboard engines. This series utilizes the manufacturer's "True Advance" technology that provides increased lift and efficiency to improve the overall performance of boat engines. 

Sharrow XO Propeller

Above: A high performance Sharrow XO propeller. Photo by Sharrow Marine.

The company touts that the Sharrow XO series will offer longer cruising ranges, quieter rides, superior low-speed grip for docking and idle speed handling along with better vessel control and higher top speeds. The high performance propellers are currently available for Yamaha 350HP, 425HP, and 450HP, while reservations are available for V10/12 Mercury motors, with delivery expected in Q1 2024.

Innovative High Performance Propeller Designs

Sharrow Marine's innovative Sharrow Propeller™ design has gained significant recognition throughout the boating world for delivering unparalleled improvements in fuel efficiency and performance. The Sharrow Propeller™ was even awarded the prestigious NMMA® Innovation Awards at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. This ground-breaking propeller is now accessible to consumers of all major outboard manufacturers, including Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Johnson, Nissan, OXE, and COX.

Made In The USA, 5 Year Warranty

Every Sharrow XO is designed and manufactured in the USA and CNC machined from premium-quality stainless steel alloy then LAB finished to over 10X the industry standard of accuracy to blueprint specifications. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty protects buyer's against any manufacturing flaws or defects and 1 year comprehensive Sharrow Care™ Protection Plan further covers repair costs in the event of accidental damage to the propeller while in use. Additional Sharrow Care™ Protection Plans are available for up to 5 years of protection (for additional cost). 

Independent Testing Shows Improved Performance

In the past four years, independent and factory tests have reportedly demonstrated that the Sharrow Propeller offers the following advantages over traditional blade technology: improved control of the vessel while docking, up to a 30% increase in range, significant speed gains at mid-range RPMs, up to 30% greater fuel efficiency between 2500-4000 RPM, faster planing at 500-1000 lower RPMs, reduced vibration, up to 50% more reverse thrust, noise reduction, and superior handling during high-speed turns.

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Written by: Ryan McVinney
C. Ryan McVinney is a film director, producer, writer, actor, boat captain, outdoor enthusiast and conservationist. He's currently the host and director of Boat Trader's award-winning Stomping Grounds TV show that explores boating culture across America. McVinney also directs and produces the documentary series Cult Classics and the extreme superyacht show LEGENDS for YachtWorld, as well the popular Factory Fridays video series for He is a regular contributor to leading marine industry publications.