On January 19, 2023, VOLTARI, an electric boat manufacturer based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, achieved a significant milestone by crossing the Gulf Stream from Key Largo in the Florida Keys to Bimini, Bahamas. This marks the longest and first-ever overseas distance covered by an electric vehicle (EV). The VOLTARI 260, the world's first fully electric performance boat, was used for this feat, boasting zero emissions and exceptional torque, allowing it to reach speeds of 55+ MPH under normal conditions. The 91-mile journey was accomplished in less than 20 hours on a single battery charge. The VOLTARI 260 maintained a constant speed of 5 MPH and only carried essential crew members to commemorate the boat's maiden long-distance voyage.

Gulf Stream Crossing By Electric Boat from Voltari

Above: The route that Voltari took to cross the Gulf Stream in the Voltari 260 electric boat. Image by Voltari Marine.

VOLTARI 260 Boat Features

The VOLTARI 260 was officially unveiled during the Caribbean overseas voyage, marking the beginning of a new era for the company. The vessel boasts an impressive range of features, including a 142 kW h lithium-ion propulsion system, fully-integrated control and navigation systems and a 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber construction. In ocean conditions, the boat can achieve a peak power of 550kw (700HP) and a top speed of 60 MPH. By utilizing high-quality materials, advanced technology the boat provides impressive acceleration and handling, as well as the assurance of minimal air, noise and water pollution.

VOLTARI 260 Electric Boat

Above: The VOLTARI 260 Electric Boat. Photo by VOLTARI Marine.

Electric Boat Innovators

As per ResearchAndMarkets, the electric boat industry was valued at $5 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $16.6 billion by 2031. VOLTARI is poised as a leading innovator in this space, working to revolutionize the industry with their innovative approach to electro-mobility on the water. The Founder and CEO of VOLTARI, Cam Heaps, expressed his team's pride in their accomplishment, stating that the VOLTARI 260 was designed to offer a thrilling boating experience with long run times and minimal environmental impact. The successful Bahamas crossing served as proof of the boat's capabilities and their commitment to providing a sustainable solution in the rapidly emerging industry.

VOLTARI 260 Electric Boat

Above: The VOLTARI 260 electric boat crossing the Gulf Stream on its way to Bimini and back to Fort Lauderdale Florida in January 2023.

Boat Debuts To Public At MIBS 2023

The VOLTARI 260 also debuted last month to the public at the Herald Plaza (Booth HP129) during the Miami International Boat Show. VOLTARI is a Canadian company that has its manufacturing base in Merrickville, Ontario, with U.S. headquarters located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Additionally, the company has product and powertrain engineering and battery manufacturing operations in Montréal, Quebec. With ongoing EV prototyping and commercialization projects in both marine and land-based sectors, the company is poised for significant growth and is on track to expand to over 100 employees by the end of Q1 2023.

To learn more about the record-breaking journey and VOLTARI, visit voltarielectric.com.

Written by: Ryan McVinney
C. Ryan McVinney is a film director, producer, writer, actor, boat captain, outdoor enthusiast and conservationist. He's currently the host and director of Boat Trader's award-winning Stomping Grounds TV show that explores boating culture across America. McVinney also directs and produces the documentary series Cult Classics and the extreme superyacht show LEGENDS for YachtWorld, as well the popular Factory Fridays video series for boats.com. He is a regular contributor to leading marine industry publications.